December 27th, 2004


Name: Lani

Age: 33

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Interests, Please: Reading, scrapbooking, home renovating, volunteering, journaling (online and paper), daydreaming, people-watching, doing stuff with my kids...

Have you been to Hawai'i? (if applicable): Yup.

What do you like about Hawai'i? It's home. What can I say? I miss the people...I miss seeing different ethnicities. I miss the aloha spirit. I miss being able to say "rubbah slippahs" instead of "flip flops". Heh. I even miss 7-Eleven and Slurpees on hot days after going to the beach. I miss smelling the ocean the most! I cry buckets when I watch 50 First pathetic is that?! lol.

What do you dislike about Hawai'i? Traffic!
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