February 7th, 2007

blowing hearts

Glass Jewelry?

I visited Kauai a couple years ago. While I was there I bought a gorgeous glass bracelet that I have since broken into a million pieces in a drunken stupor. I can not for the life of me remember the artists name or the name of the shop to look up more information and replace it. I've searched online for quite awhile and had no luck, so here is what I do remeber. The shop was in Old Koloa Town. It had a lot of glass cuff bracelets and globes by the same artist in the window and they were kind of pricey (for me at least.) If anyone knows the name of the store I would appreciate it sooooo much so I can look up a telephone number or website. :)

And just a little about me:

Name: Carrie
Age: 18
Location: Oustide of Chicago, IL.
Interests, Please: Make up arts, photography, Elliott Smith, etc.
Have you been to Hawai'i? (if applicable): Kauai in Spring of 2005.
What do you like about Hawai'i? It was beautiful and very laid back.
What do you dislike about Hawai'i? Damn roosters!

Thanks for reading. :)
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