March 16th, 2007

me // floor


Name: Megan
Age: 23
Location: eastern Pennsylvania
Interests: art, music, films, reading, decorating, nature/outdoors, learning new things
Have you been to Hawai'i?: Not yet!
What do you like about Hawai'i?: I grew up in southwest Florida, so it kind of reminds me of home. It seems like such a beautiful, interesting place. I'm currently thinking about relocating to Hawaii after I graduate college... I've come to find that I must be warm all year 'round! I plan to visit first of course, but right now I'm just trying to gather information.
What do you dislike about Hawai'i? I can't dislike anything at this point, since I have never been to any of the islands. However, I would be trying to find a job as an art teacher, so I am kind of worried about the public school system there. I've read that it's all one district and the students are really behind compared to other states. If anyone here is an educator in Hawaii, or knows anything about the schools (pros, cons, whatever) I'd be really interested to know. Through my research I've also been reading about the rather big difference in the cost of living... do teachers make decent pay in Hawaii? Does anyone know the average first-year teacher's salary?

Thanks for any help!
Nice to meet everyone!