February 22nd, 2008

Kailua Beach

Some questions about Kauai

Aloha. I grew up on the Big Island and then spent the rest of time on Oahu. I've never been to the other islands - I'll make it there one day. So these questions are actually from a friend of a friend that is coming to Kauai. Anyones assistance would be so lovely.!

"I am taking my vacation in Hawaii this year. Kauai to be exact. So here are my questions... Should I rent a car? What are the transportation options like? Bus, cab? What about the weather, I saw a show on the travel channel that said they have all different climates. I thought it was sunny warm. We are going the last week in April into May. What are the must see or do things on Kauai? What are tourist traps to be avoided? Do you have a favorite restaurant?"
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