March 10th, 2008

washed out me

mahalo hawaii rabies quarantine

just want to let everyone know that the staff of the hawaii rabies quarantine facility ROCKS.
they have been so helpful in my journey on getting my animals to our future home. when i have been unclear about things regarding the brochure- they have answered my questions. when i have been stressed about the process, they have calmed me down.
they are so nice!
why this came about? i was unclear about some things since we are on a delay in our move ( we were suppose to leave in jan) and the dogs rabies shots are due again. i was stressed about having to redo the process all over again, however found out if i get the shots NOW before they are due they still qualify for direct release. YES! i am a happy mommy!

information to ship your cats and dogs- downloadable brochure
general information