May 4th, 2008

Gray Hair
  • msbyn

Intro... Byn

Name: Byn (& Hubby Patrick)

Age: 36

Location: Oklahoma

Interests, Please: Theater, Homeschooling, Zumba, Hawaii living:)

Have you been to Hawai'i? (if applicable): Just got back from our first trip... where we definitely fell in love with the beachs and mountains and activities.

What do you like about Hawai'i? All of the outdoorsy activities, snorkeling, body boarding, hiking, waterfalls... nature!! THe people were SO nice most everywhere we went, it was just an amazing experience. My husband wants to move there, and if we didn't have kids, I'd be up for dropping everything for a move RIGHT NOW!! At any rate, we're planning a month or two trip in two years with our five kids (as it will take us that long to save up) We plan on exploring via the internet and communities like this one to get mroe ideas of the best way to go and explore the island next time. W e're not really into the typical touristy thing and LOVED the mroe secluded places we found on the Big Island.

What do you dislike about Hawai'i? The plan ride from here:( And the vog was frusttrating on some days because I really wanted more VIEW of the gorgeous countryside... it was still a wodnerful trip, though!


My name is Kelly and I'm a 23 year old Americorps member. My brother and his fiancee are getting married in Maui on October 15th (this fall!). It's all very last minute because of visa issues (his girlfriend is Indonesian) and I'm currently researching cheap hotels or even youth hostels near the northwest part of the island.

Given that I'm a paid volunteer, the $1000 flight from Boston will be enough of a problem. The other part is that his wedding is on a Wednesday so the family will likely be staying for most of that week (and with a flight that expensive, we might as well make a trip out of it!) Can anyone suggest cheap lodging options? If necessary, we can stay a little ways out and possibly rent a car (I'm not sure if that would be an option for me since I won't be 25 yet). Thanks!