June 25th, 2008


Hi! Cell phone service carrier question

Name: remix, a.k.a. remix79
Age: 28
Location: Portland, Oregon
Interests, Please: playing guitar and harmonica, hackeysack, board gaming, interactive fiction, reading, cycling...

Have you been to Hawai'i? (if applicable): Not yet.

What do you like about Hawai'i? Don't know yet. I'm coming there for business. Hopefully I will get some time off to explore a bit.

What do you dislike about Hawai'i? Um, vog? I'll know once I smell/see it.

I'm joining because I have a question and was unable to find the answer by browsing the journal or using LJ Seek.

How is the cell phone service in Hawai'i? I will be spending time around the Pearl Harbor memorial area and am wondering which carrier is best. Does Tracphone work well? Does the service vary from island to island or is it pretty even across the board?

Thank you. :)