astrangelove (astrangelove) wrote in abouthawaii,

Your help is needed

Hello all you Hawaiians, I would appreciate if someone would please help me with this. My mum is currently looking for her auntie. They have been disconnected for quite a while, because of a family dispute initiated by various other family members. My mum believes that her auntie has moved away, as her old phone number no longer is active. I've tried looking online in the White Pages, but have not been successful.

Basically, I'm asking someone to take a few minutes of their time to open up their volume of the White Pages and track down a name for me. The relative's name is Eun Sang Nakama (so it might read as Nakama, ES) and she previously lived in Honolulu.

Your help would be kindly appreciated and thanks to all that assist.

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