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xemira in abouthawaii

considering I know nothing

This community seems a little inactive but I thought I'd throw these questions out. To anyone who can help, it's much appreciated.

I'm moving to Hawaii in a year, to Oahu to be exact, and I had a few stock questions:

1)How is transportation without a car? Would it be easy to get around?

2)If you order things online, are there any major places that don't ship to Hawaii?

3)How easy would it be to get things like dairy replacements? (almond milk, etc.) nut powders-I guess I'm asking if there are alternative health food stores around?

4)What are typical meals?

5)Even though there are many different cultures, are the people divided and stay within their own?(IE would you see Japanese and maybe Filipinos hanging out together as a normal thing?)

6)Is Hawaii affected a lot by current trends/music/styles/movies from the mainland states?

7)How easy is it to travel back and forth from the mainland states?

Thank you so much! <3


I was just there for ten days home hunting (moving in January.) A word of caution - if you are going to work in Honolulu, the commute can be jacked up. My husband will be working downtown, so we got a condo downtown. Not cheap, but we were more concerned with the commute time eating into our need for time spent doing other fun things, or relaxing at home.

Food is no problem. All the same fast food restaurants you have here for the most part - Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc. Plenty of other restaurants, both national chains and local haunts. Great, great food at Yard House in Waikiki... just be prepared to take some home. I happen to love sushi, so it's a great place for me to live. You can easily find healthy food (the local plate lunch is not for the calorie conscious!) But Wahoo's Fish Taco has stuff without meat and vegan friendly beans and rice! Plenty of places I found catered to the health conscious.

Music is fun... lots of reggae and funky traditional and fusion island stuff. You can get other stations, but since I love reggae I tend to be pretty happy that I can scroll through the stations and the majority of them have something I totally dig.

Skip the grocery store if you can and shop Costco for food and household goods, and WalMart for trinkets for friends (if you have to... otherwise drive around the island to the non-tourist areas and shop from local vendors! Much preferred!)

Good luck!!!